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With your help, Mark Harmon can be our congressman –and the momentum from our win can help with the following issues that Mark, and so many of us, care deeply about: 

Minimum Wage

Reward work by raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour. 

Affordable College

Help working-class families achieve the American dream by making more grants (instead of loans) available for college and other post-secondary education. We also need to reduce student debt with loan forgiveness programs. 

Health Care

Improve our health care coverage by adding a public option plan based on what people like about Medicare. 

Abortion Rights

 Mark trusts women, and leaves to them and their medical providers decisions about abortion.  He would put no level of government between pregnant persons and their reproductive care.  He would sponsor or co-sponsor putting the Roe and Casey protections into federal law.

     His opponent is against choice, and actually joined a legal brief in favor of the terrible Mississippi law that our extremist Supreme Court used to wipe out abortion rights.


Other notable issues 

  • Advocate for expanded Medicaid, something desperately needed by many families—and a great benefit to our struggling rural hospitals. 

  • Respect science, research, and truth in making public policy, especially as we craft improvements to our infrastructure.  We should emphasize green jobs as we prepare our economy for the future, and combat climate change. 

  • Get federal consistency so states and localities can introduce plans to decriminalize cannabis—generating tax money as well as saving costs from incarceration for minor offenses. 

  • Make voting easier, and clarify that corporations are not people, and money is not speech—all part of an effort to empower everyday citizens and reduce corporate influence in our government.  Not all politicians are bought-and-sold, but there are far too many who can be rented. 

  • Reverse tax policies that for too long have given huge tax breaks to billionaires and corporations (and looked-the-other-way on tax cheating).  These policies increase the total tax burden on working families, and must be rolled back. 

Worst Burchett Votes 

Tim Burchett has cast so many bad votes in our name that a full list would be unmanageable, but here is a starter list of some of the worst: 

  • Reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act (HR 1620, March 8, 2021).  It extended programs that seek to prevent and respond to domestic violence, sexual assault, dating violence, and stalking.  Burchett votes No. 

  • American Rescue Plan (HR 1319, March 6, 2021).  Additional relief to address the impact of COVID-19 on the economy, public health, state and local government, individual and businesses.  This popular bill included direct stimulus checks, small business relief, and money for vaccine distribution.  Burchett votes No. 

  • COVID-19 Hate Crimes Act (S. 937, May 18, 2021).  This Act required the Department of Justice to designate a person to speed up gathering data and reporting on hate crimes motivated by race or ethnicity (often crimes against Asian heritage persons) related to COVID-19.  This bipartisan bill passes easily—with 217 Democrats and 147 Republicans voting for it.  Burchett was one of 62 extremist Republicans voting against it. 

  • For the People Act (HR 1, March 3, 2021).   Sets minimum standards below which states may not fall in guaranteeing voting access, including vote-by-mail and early voting.  Requires independent redistricting commissions rather than the current system of gerrymandered districts where legislators pick their voters.  Tightens campaign finance rules.  Burchett votes No. 

  • Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (HR 1065, May 14, 2021).   Prohibits employment practices that fail to make reasonable accommodations for pregnant employees who otherwise can perform the job.  Bipartisan support, 216 Democrats and 99 Republicans vote for it.  Burchett votes No. 

  • Remove Confederate Statues and Busts from the Capitol (HR 3005, June 29, 2021).  Included a specific call to replace the bust of Roger Taney, author of the infamous Dred Scott case upholding slavery, with a bust of civil rights icon and Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall.  Passed on a bipartisan basis; 67 Republicans joined 218 Democrats.  Burchett votes No. 

  • Supporting our NATO Allies (HR 676, Jan. 22, 2019).  For decades, the North Atlantic Treaty Organization has been vital tool in defending Western democracy.  This bill showed support for our NATO allies by prohibiting any expenditure of funds for the U.S. to withdraw from this vital defense organization.  Only 22 congressmen voted against it.  Tim Burchett was one of them.